Build Relationships Instead of One-Time Customers

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Building a relationship with your audience is a long but worthwhile road to go down. The closer you are with your audience the more they will want to work with you. But remember a relationship is a two way street and giving is the most important part of building a client relationship.

How to Use Email Marketing to Build Meaningful Relationships

Building a relationship with your customers is a hard task to take on. Ryan Robinson gives you an inside look at his email structure and tips on how to grow that important connection. His 5 tips are to provide value, be personal, be vulnerable, use intelligent auto responders and stay in touch regularly.

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People Aren’t Doing This One Simple Thing To Get Clients

So much of your content has no purpose if you aren’t going to respond to people who are interested in it. Years ago I left a comment on someone’s blog and I received an email from them minutes after my reply asking me questions about my comment. A year later I was one of the first people to buy her new book. How do you engage with people?

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Dear Founders: Are You Listening or Just Waiting to Talk?

A big part of a relationship is listening to the user. You might have an idea of what it is people want from you, but it isn’t until you start actually listening that you will find what you can truly offer. The better you know your users the better you will know what they need, so start building your relationships now.

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