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A lead magnet is a special offer to entice an audience to join your newsletter.  It is important that the offer is not only helpful, but is connected to the type of information they will get from your newsletter.  You only want people on your list that are truly interested in the content. Examples include a free mini-eBook, a list of resources, a free trial etc.

30 Content Upgrade Ideas to Grow Your Email List

This is a great list if you are having trouble figuring out what you can offer your audience. Something like free stock images or a coded spreadsheet might never have crossed your mind.  There is also a list of resources at the bottom to help you create these lead magnets.

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What Is The Best Type of Lead Magnet To Use?

Watch Justin Brooke talk about creating a tool for your lead magnet instead of a video or free report.  He thinks that something that your audience can use to take action is a better incentive than static content.

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Lead Magnets: Email List Building on Steroids

Promise: what they’ll get when they subscribe. Connect: why you created this and for whom. Key points: issues & solutions, could be in bullets. Call to action: what they should do next. Those are some of the tips for making a great magnet.

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