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This is one of the slogans for the website builder ClickFunnels. Their point is that a static website is no longer good enough. Your website should have a strategy based off the idea of a marketing/sales funnel.

Understanding the Marketing Funnel: 5 Strategies to Improve Your Email Marketing

Follow this step by step look at a marketing funnel. You will learn the 5 stages of the funnel; awareness, consideration, conversion, loyalty and advocacy.

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Sales Funnels, Trip Wires & One Click Upsells

A sales funnel can also be a set of steps which allow people to invest more in your company. If someone buys from you once, they are 20 times more likely to buy again (mentioned at 3:50 in the video).

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ClickFunnels FREE Trial

If you are interested in learning more about both kinds of funnels there is no better way than doing a free trial of ClickFunnels. Not only can you play with tools that are built to make funnels, but there are hours of free lessons.

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Everything You Need to Make Your First Video

74% of all internet traffic in 2017 will be video. We will show you the best way to optimize your online strategy through video.

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