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Your mobile experience has become more important than ever.  People are now doing most of their browsing on their phone and google is ranking website based off of mobile friendliness. It isn’t enough anymore to just have a smaller version of your website.  You now need to think about how your audience uses your site on their phones and in some cases design your user experience mobile first.
You May Be Losing Users If Responsive Web Design Is Your Only Mobile Strategy

There is more to mobile design than fitting well on a mobile screen.  When you are in a mobile environment your needs change.  So some elements can be taken out, some might need to be added and some need to be presented in a different way.

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Mobile First: What Does It Mean And Why?

With mobile devices taking up most of your internet time, companies are starting to think about the mobile experience first. Make sure that you don’t lose users via a poor mobile experience.

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Mobile First: Insights from going Mobile Only

With 25% of the world being mobile only, Joe Toscano decided to go a month only using his phone.  Learn from his tips on how to make your website as mobile friendly as possible.

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