The Public House Theatre / Bye Bye Liver

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The Public House Theatre is a sketch comedy theater in Chicago. We worked with the Pub House to create a modern website that emphasizes ticket sales. We also created trailers and promotional materials such as posters, postcards and headshots.


The website is the most important part of this project. As a theater being able to easily find tickets and show descriptions is a must. Originally the tickets were buried in the site. After running some tests we discovered that the front page was getting very little traction, so we moved the tickets front and center. This resulted in ticket growth for some of the smaller shows. We also started up a podcast and blog section to give the audience another reason to visit the site.


The videos were created with the goal of helping people discover new shows. We worked with the writers to make sure that the videos matched their vision. The videos were used both on the website and facebook as an easily shareable tool. It is easier to get someone to share a quick video than it is a static page on a website.


The most used piece of advertising for a staged show is an image of the production. Making sure that each group had an interesting shareable image could make or break a show. As much as we don’t want to judge a book by its cover, we still do.


The theater business is driven by local customers, so having something physical to hand out is very important. We made sure that every show and event held in the theater was represented by posters and postcards to spread through the city.

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